List of Services

1:1 ABA Therapy

Initial age-appropriate assessment looks at adaptive and independent living skills with an emphasis on helping the child navigate their world more easily.

• 1:1 services are based on a treatment plan created to fill deficits identified in initial assessment.

• Maladaptive behaviors -- We look at what behavior is interfering with your child's learning, and then teach them new skills to help reduce these behaviors.

• Functional communication -- We love pictures! No words? No problem? This is the foundation of all that we do.

• Conversational skills -- Let's make friends!

• Executive functioning


       •Time management

       •Emotional regulation

• Independent living -- Buttoning clothing, toileting, eating with utensils, brushing teeth 

• Social skills -- Making friends can be learned like math can be learned. Let's do this!

• Following directions -- can be fun when done with developmental appropriateness in mind!

Parent Coaching

Parents are coached to use collaborative problem-solving and the techniques of behavior science (Applied Behavior Analysis- ABA) to improve family lives.

--Initial consultation is free

--Treatment plan created based on family concerns. 

--Meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as needed to update treatment plan, results, make new materials.

--Zoom or in-person; flexible after-office hours for working families

--Goal is to gain more tools in your toolbox to deal with challenging behaviors 

BCaBA/BCBA Fieldwork Supervision

All RBTs are given the opportunity for free BCaBA / BCBA supervision. 

•We offer restricted and unrestricted hours. 

• RBTs who work for us 30 hours a week or more are guaranteed 6 hours of supervision a month, completely free of charge. 

• Growing our staff is just as important to us as growing our clients.

Professional Development

Did you know that licensed teachers in Nevada are required to take only ONE course in behavior management? Did you know that most teachers quit the profession within the first 5 years? Let's fix this!

• 20 years+ in-classroom experience

• Behavior curriculum can be taught to 2-100 teachers at a time

• I was "that teacher" during PD, so my courses are designed to keep teachers engaged, focus on strategies that can be used tomorrow, and aim to change the mindset of teachers from punitive to empathetic.

• Free consultation for schools